Each of our two Fellowships meet for an annual Symposium at the historic Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois just outside of Chicago.

The First Fellowship meets in October, the Second Fellowship in June. Pulling together a diverse body of evangelical pastor-theologians from across the country, our Fellowships include representation from the Lutheran, Pentecostal, Episcopal, Baptist, Messianic Jewish, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Independent Bible church traditions. Each Fellowship  gathers for a working three day symposium that allows for discussion and collaboration on theological issues related to the life of the church. Attendance to the symposium is limited to the SAET Fellows, or by invitation.

The Triune Creator: A Historical and Systematic Study (Edinburgh Studies in Constructive Theology)

Topic: Science and Christian Theology: The Triune Creator: A Historical and Systematic Study (Edinburgh Studies in Constructive Theology) Colin Guton; Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism Alvin Plantinga; God’s Planet Owen Gingerich; The Creationists: From Scientific Creationism to Intelligent Design, Expanded Edition Ron Numbers; God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? John Lennox; The Faith of a Physicist: Reflections of a Bottom-Up Thinker (Princeton Legacy Library) John Polkinghorne; Why Evolution Is True Ryan Coyne; Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin’s Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives David Sloan Wilson.
Theological Consultants: Dr. Robert Bishop, Dr. Jeff Schloss, Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Ted Davis, and Dr. Robin Collins

Topic: Faith, Work, and Economics (sponsored by the Acton Institute): Christian Theology and Market Economics Ian Harper and Samuel Gregg
Theological Consultant: Dr. Stephen Grabill
Paper Presentations: Dr. Bill Barker, Dr. Joel Lawrence, Dr. Scott Hafemann, Dr. Greg Forster, Dr. Eric Bargerhuff, Dr. Matthew Ward, Dr. Gary Shultz

TopicMan and Woman He Created Them: A Theology Of The Body, John Paul II
Theological Consultant: Dr. Peter Leithart
Paper Presentations: Dr. Bill Barker, Dr. Joel Lawrence, Dr. Dave Morlan, Pastor Gerald Hiestand, Rev. Matthew Mason, Dr. Christopher Bechtel, Dr. Jeremy Treat

TopicTo Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World, by James Hunter
Paper Presentations: Rev. Greg Thompson, Dr. Todd Wilson, Dr. Owen Strachen, Dr. Chris Bruno, Dr. Ryan Jackson, Dr. John Yates

Topic: The Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical Linguistic Approach to Christian Doctrine, Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer
Paper Presentations: Dr. Trgyve Johnson, Dr. Joel Lawrence, Dr. John Yates, Dr. Jason Hood, Rev. Matthew Mason, Jeremy Treat, Pastor Gerald Hiestand

Topic: The Identity of the Pastor Theologian
Theological Consultant: Dr. Douglas Sweeney
Paper Presentations: Dr. Joel Lawrence, Dr. Jim Samra, Dr. Stephen Witmer, Dr. David Rudolph, Pastor Gerald Hiestand, Dr. Owen Strachen, Dr. John Yates, Rev. Jay Thomas, Dr. Josh Genig

Topic: Resurrection and Pastoral Ministry
Theological Consultant: Dr. Scott Hafemann
Paper Presentations: Dr. Bill Barker, Dr. David Rudolph, Dr. Ryan Jackson, Rev. Jay Thomas, Dr. Josh Genig, Pastor Gerald Hiestand, Dr. Stephen Witmer

For more information about the CPT Fellowship or Symposium, please contact Gerald Hiestand at ghiestand[at]saet-online.org. See below for pictures from our 2008 symposium.

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