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CPT Launching New Fourth Fellowship–Application Process Now Open

The Center for Pastor Theologians is pleased to announce that recent grant funding has made possible the launch of a new CPT Fellowship. This new Fellowship will meet for the first time March 5-7, 2018 (thereafter always the first Monday-Wednesday of March) in Chicago. Candidates for the CPT’s Fourth Fellowship will be assessed along the following seven criteria …

  1. Vocational Calling: The extent to which the candidate is presently engaged in pastoral/local church ministry, and plans to continue in the same.
  2. Theological Calling: The extent to which the candidate views the writing/publication of theological scholarship as a significant ministry calling.
  3. Education: The terminal degree of the candidate, and any ongoing degree program.
  4. Publishing CV: The extent to which the candidate has an established publishing record in theological scholarship (monographs, chapter contributions, journal articles, etc).
  5. Age: The extent to which the candidate is still becoming established in his or her career, and the CPT’s capacity to meaningfully invest in the candidate’s future as an ecclesial theologian.
  6. Social Location: The extent to which the candidate is able to engage as an ecclesial theologian from within minority and underserved communities.
  7. Availability: The extent to which the candidate has regular availability to attend the March Fellowship symposium, as well as year round vocational space to meaningfully engage in the task of ecclesial theology.

We are keen on theological diversity within a larger evangelical framework, and therefore invite applications from all denominational backgrounds within the evangelical tradition. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

The application window will stay open until March 1, 2017. At that time applications will be reviewed and the CPT board will invite the top fifteen candidates to join the Fourth Fellowship. Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Fellowship Prospectus, the CPT Statement of Standards, Gerald Hiestand’s Expository Times essay, and to submit a CV to Gerald Hiestand at prior to applying.

The Fellowship Application can be downloaded here. Please return by mail to the address noted on the application, or via scan by email (the latter method preferred).

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