"You Are Good (Creation Song)" – A worship resource from the Center For Pastor Theologians

The CPT has commissioned multiple worship pastors to write worship music that teach and celebrate the historic Christian doctrine of creation. The first of these songs was written by Caleb Widmer, a worship pastor from Oak Creek, WI. We are very proud of the work that Caleb has done, and we are excited to be able to share this resource with you.

You can hear the song now:

You are Good (Creation Song)
When nothing existed
Before a sound was made
The godhead together
Eternally reigned.

God spoke into silence
The very first morning light.
God, happy forever
Made dirt and the night

And said it was good!

Even the stars obey his voice.
They rose from nothing to rejoice.
He was there when the sun was born
As planets cheered and oceans roared
Saying, "You are good!"
You are good!

From dust he formed us.
With his breath he made us breathe.
In his image he made us
So that all could see.

In his goodness he gave us
The air and the shade of trees.
Whatever life needed
He made it to need

And said it was good!

All of creation hears your voice.
Canyons echo your holy choice.
You make and move the deepest seas.
You made my soul.
You make it believe
That you are good.
You are good!


Caleb Widmer is Pastor of Worship and Missions at Harvest Community Church in Oak Creek, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee. He has served for years as a worship pastor and is also part the creative network Chicago Liturgy.