Fellowship Prospectus

Pulling together a diverse body of evangelical pastor theologians from across the country, the CPT Fellowships include representation from the Free Church, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Anglican, Baptist, Messianic Jewish, Presbyterian, Methodist, and independent Bible church traditions. Each Fellowship meets annually for a three day working symposium at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois, where Fellows interact on important theological issues relevant to the ecclesial context. Cross-fellowship interaction takes place through our annual conference, as well as informal communication between fellows.

Fellowship Benefits
Involvement in a CPT Fellowship provide the following:

  • The opportunity for fellows to have their work reviewed by other fellows, as well as academic scholars.
  • Invitation to a three-day theological symposium with noted academic and ecclesial scholars (the CPT covers lodging and meals, and travel as necessary).
  • A robust network of scholarly relationships.
  • The encouragement and accountability necessary for the scholarly task.

Fellowship Openings
While we do not currently have any openings for pastoral fellowships, we are always happy to receive applications from interested candidates. These applications will be kept on file until openings become available. Candidates for CPT fellowships are assessed using the following criteria:

  • Vocational Calling: The extent to which the candidate is presently engaged in pastoral/local church ministry, and plans to continue in the same.
  • Theological Calling: The extent to which the candidate views the writing/publication of theological scholarship as a significant ministry calling.
  • Education: The terminal degree of the candidate, and any ongoing degree program.
  • Publishing CV: The extent to which the candidate has an established publishing record in theological scholarship (monographs, chapter contributions, journal articles, etc).
  • Age: The extent to which the candidate is still becoming established in his or her career, and the CPT’s capacity to meaningfully invest in the candidate’s future as an ecclesial theologian.
  • Social Location: The extent to which the candidate is able to engage as an ecclesial theologian from within minority and underserved communities.
  • Availability: The extent to which the candidate has regular availability to attend the annual Fellowship symposium, as well as year round vocational space to meaningfully engage in the task of ecclesial theology.

We are always looking for qualified candidates from diverse ecclesial and social backgrounds. Women and persons of color are especially encouraged to apply. If you are interested in being part of a pastoral fellowship of the Center For Pastor Theologians, please contact the CPT managing director, Zachary Wagner, at zwagner@pastortheologians.com for more information.