Books Published by the CPT

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Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson summon the church to return to a time when pastors were theologians and theologians pastors, when pastors served as intellectual shepherds of the church. The renewal of what they call ecclesial theology will provide a needed transfusion into theologically anemic pastoral ministry and pastorally anemic theology
— Peter Leithart

Authored by CPT co-founders Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson, The Pastor Theologian: Resurrecting an Ancient Vision casts the theological and pastoral vision that led to the founding of the CPT over ten years ago. (Published by Zondervan)

Conference Series

Here we have, none too soon, a collection of stout essays calling for a new generation of shepherd-teachers––ecclesial theologians who do their work in the best tradition of the church fathers and the Reformers, in the light of eternity and pro Christo et ecclesia.
— Timothy George
Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson have put together a whole team that ministers understanding worth its weight in gold on one of the most socially complicated, politically fraught, yet existentially unavoidable issues of our day or any: human sexuality.
— Kevin Vanhoozer